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Save Water. Save Money.

Take control of your water usage.


Using the Wave Valve reduces water bills up to 30%, and water usage up to 9%!


Our system analyzes water usage behavior 24/7, and recommends changes to consumption patterns.


Using predictive analytics, you can forecast potential leaks and stop them before they become costly.

Every Drop Counts.

Take control of your water usage with real-time analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to analyze, predict and detect water leaks.

→ 24/7, real-time water monitoring

→ Securely access water usage data from anywhere, on any device

→ Lower insurance costs with predictive water leak detection

→Analyze water usage patterns to minimize waste

→ No upfront costs to you! 

→ We handle the entire installation process!


24/7 Monitoring System

Immediate Leak & Issue Alerts

Savings Outline


Included With All Implementations...

How it Works

The Wave Valve

3-in-1 Water Efficiency Valve

Compressible Flow Valve - This valve compresses the air accumulated in the water line, reducing the volume of air flowing through the meter, resulting in up to 30% savings on water usage.

Adjustable Pressure-Regulating Valve - This valve regulates water pressure, saving water, reducing leak risk, and increasing the lifespan of the plumbing system, ultimately reducing water usage between 6-9%.

Check Valve — A single coil spring mechanism that uses a consistent spring-force design to respond rapidly to changes in water flow.


The Process

Step 1

Our team gathers and analyzes your current water system and usage levels.

Step 2

Our reps install the Wavelytix valve and technology system on your property.

Step 3

You reap the rewards and quantify your monthly savings on water bills!

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